Salamanca Car Hire

You won't need to hire a car to get around the city of Salamanca. The city is easily covered on foot and that's by far the best way to see all the main historic places of interest. But if you're interested in exploring the many delights of the wider province of Salamanca and the region of Castilla-Leon, a rental car is the most convenient way of getting about.

With a hired car, you'll be able to head for the lovely mountain villages of the Sierra de Francia to the south of the city. Climb 1,723 metres to the spectacular viewing point of Peña de Francia and visit nearby Alberca, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Many pagan customs have been preserved in this ancient village which was declared a national monument in 1940. The village of Las Batuecas is in a wildlife reserve where many creatures including lynxes and rare mountain goats roam free. You can stay overnight at the Monastery of San Jose del Monte - there's no fixed tariff, you just pay whatever you feel it's worth! Female tourists will enjoy a trip to the village of Miranda del Castañar on February 5th, the feast of Santa Agueda when men have to obey women.

Ciudad Rodrigo, 90 kilometres south west of the city of Salamanca, is well worth a visit as it has one of the oldest recorded histories in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. If you visit during the pre-Lent carnival festivities you'll be able to see bull-running in the streets, traditional dances and costume parades.

In the mountain village of Bejar, 75 kilometres south of Salamanca, you'll find one of the oldest bull rings in Spain, Moorish fortifications and a 17th century ducal palace. Nearby Candelario is a picturesque village of stone houses lining steep, narrow streets.

Drive 100 kilometres southeast to the ancient walled town of Avila, birthplace of Saint Teresa. Between Avila and Madrid there's the 16th century palace-cum-monastery of El Escorial. This majestic building houses Felipe II's royal palace, the royal mausoleum, hundreds of tapestries, several art collections and a museum.


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