Tenerife Car Hire

You'll probably want to hire a car for at least part of your stay in Tenerife. Car hire is cheap and it's quick and easy to get around the island via the two-lane motorway which runs virtually all the way around it. With the freedom of a car you'll be able to explore the national park of CaƱadas del Teide and make your own way to the cable car which takes you to the top of the world's third largest volcano.

Tour the coastline with its black, volcanic beaches, golden bays of Saharan sand and dramatic cliffs.

Visit Puerto de la Cruz, in the north, with its historic streets and buildings and fabulous Lido water world. Take in a trip to the Loro Park, one of the island's top visitor attractions with its parrots, penguins, dolphin shows and exotic animals.

Orotava, near Puerto de la Cruz, is a beautiful town with traditional 17th century manorial houses adorned with Canarian pine wood balconies. The town is in the lovely valley of Orotava which is carpeted with flowers when the peaks of nearby Mount Teide are still covered in snow.

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Visit the capital, Santa Cruz, which has lively streets with a good range of high quality shops, beautiful gardens, historic buildings and museums charting the island's rich past.

Venture south to see the breathtaking canyons, Peruvian-style pyramids and banana plantations of Guimar.

Follow the island's "wine trail" and visit the wine-producing towns of Icod de los Vinos and Tacaronte in the north west. At Icod you can see the world's biggest volcanic cavity and the mythological dragon trees, some of which are 800 years old.


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